Software Automation The Future of Digital Marketing Jobs

I recently came across a very interesting article on TechCrunch, which discusses how new advances in software automation is impacting the job market. While indeed certain jobs today are likely due to disappear in the next 10-15 years as a result of technology innovation (Uber & Taxi Drivers) some jobs will actually experience an increase in demand. This especially true when it comes to digital marketing. Here is an excerpt from the article for the lazy:

Analytics: Digital marketing demands experienced talent

Change is also afoot as digital and mobile channels are disrupting the marketing landscape. According to the CMO Council, spending on mobile marketing is doubling each year, and two-thirds of the growth in consumer advertising is in digital. In an economic expansion cycle, awareness-building and customer acquisition is where many companies are investing. For these reasons, marketing managers are perhaps surprisingly hard to find.

For example, at high-growth tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook, the highest volume job opening after software developer/engineer is marketing manager. These individuals are navigating new channels, as well as approaches to customer acquisition, and they are increasingly utilizing analytics. The marketing manager is an especially critical station in the marketing and sales career ladder and corporate talent bench – with junior creative types aspiring to it and senior product and marketing leadership coming from it.

The challenge is that marketing management requires experience: Those with a record of results in the still nascent field of digital marketing will be especially in demand.

Why is there so much demand for experienced marketers?

Asides for being a relatively new field only really beginning in the late nineties even the most experienced people here only have 10-15 years experience, as opposed to programmers/engineers for example, where 25-30 years of experience is not uncommon. As such your talent pool is smaller and in much more demand.

In addition the marketing landscape moves incredibly fast. I can assure you digital marketing strategy of 2010 is no longer relevant in 2015. Marketers MUST always evolve and adapt to a constantly changing landscape and new technologies or risk being left behind the competition.

Most importantly though is this line “Those with a record of results in the still nascent field of digital marketing will be especially in demand.” As with most professions performance will always be key indicator of the value of an employee to the organisation. However, this is much more critical in the world of digital marketing where managing budgets, resources and sales all come together under a single defining role. The marketers with the ability to consistently bring in results will be in the most demand. This is why its absolutely crucial for companies to staff these positions with the right people and pay a premium for the right candidates.

What’s still amazes me is that some companies still have not yet caught onto the importance of this position until its already too late.  It’s all too often where companies approach me and ask me to clean up the mess left behind by an inexperienced marketer or agency.  It’s not the marketers fault, its the company’s fault for putting someone who is clearly unqualified in charge of these tasks. Companies need to make sure they give the role of a digital marketer a much higher importance in the organisation and hire the right person from the beginning.  The alternative will always be much more costly in hindsight.  So while software automation is making huge strides in the world of digital marketing its the people who manage these channels (and manage them well) who will become even more valuable to the organisation.