My First Post – Setting Up Adwords

I wanted to take this opportunity to post a little introduction for this blog. I have been toying with the idea for a personal blog for quite sometime but didn’t feel as though the time was right. In the last few months I realised that I want to share a lot of the work I do so that others can learn and possibly even implement some of my ideas and tools that I use during my day-to-day role as marketing director. So I dusted off my old name domain (Life-pro-tip: ALWAYS register before someone else does) and got writing.

I apologise if my writing style is somewhat crass, I am not a content writer and while I do my best to write as clearly and insightfully as I can its probably not up to par to what many of you are used to. I’ll do my best to proof every post but if you find typos or errors please do let me know so I can correct them.

And off we go.

Setting up Your Google Adwords Account – Best Practices

Its only fitting that one of my first posts should be about Adwords. If you don’t already know Adwords is Google’s Search advertising platform. It allows you to bid on relevant keywords so that when people search for your product or service your ads will appear on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Over the years I’ve managed dozens of accounts for many companies. Most of the time I take over an existing account using the MCC which allows me to manage the day-to-day operations of the account. Sometime I also open a new account for the company I represent, but in either case there are some things you should do before even setting up your first campaign.  I will probably update this list continuously as I think of more and more things to add.


Choose your currency wisely

When setting up a new Adwords account you will have an option to choose the currency of the account. You will need to choose carefully as this choice can not be changed later on and you will be stuck with it. Many non-US companies choose the account to be in their local currency for billing purposes, however I recommend to set your account based on what currency you use for budget and/or measuring conversion KPI’s. I have seen numerous times where the company’s Adwords is in local currency but budgeting and conversion metrics are in USD. This makes it a bit difficult to work with reporting, as you will always need to run currency exchange calculations on many of your value fields.

Choose your time zone wisely

See currency issue above. When setting up the time zone to your account make sure you set it to where you plan to target your audience NOT what time zone you are in. Remember you want to be able to target your audience accurately and a large part of that targeting is what time of day your audience will see your ads. You don’t want to keep making time zone calculations when day-parting your campaigns so make sure to set your time zone to where your target market is not where you are currently based.

Choosing the right adwords setting during the account creation process is critical.

Choosing the right adwords setting during the account creation process is critical.

Check for Voucher Codes

If this is your first Ad Words account you are probably for free advertising credits (usually about $100 depending on where you are based). Google are usually pretty good about distributing these so you may have received an email from them but if you didn’t you can always hit Adwords support or even me (I occasionally get a few of these from Google through my MCC account). Its not much but hey free advertising is free advertising.

Setting up payment methods

Depending on your advertising budgets you will need to add a credit card to the billing methods. Now the way Google works is once you hit $500 in advertising spend they will automatically deduct that amount from your credit card. Depending on your campaigns this may happen once a week or once a day so make sure to let your credit card company know – i’ve had cases where the frequent deductions on the card caused the processor to suspend it until it can be verified with the owner. During this time your campaign may not run and generally this can have adverse affect on your campaigns performance. There are rumors (unverified) that Google looks at the health of the billing status as an indicator for the account itself and may even give ad priority to ‘healthier’ accounts.